Polish currency is złoty (PLN). 1 dollar is approximately 3.1 zlotys and 1 euro is approximately 4.2 zlotys. To obtain current rates, you can use currency converter.

There is no problem to find exchange ("KANTOR" in Polish) in Warsaw, but you probably won't get good rates at the airport. The other possibility is to withdraw zlotys from an Automatic Teller Machine ("BANKOMAT" in Polish) - Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted. Many shops and restaurants accept most widely known cards as well.

Public transportation in Warsaw

Public transportation in Warsaw is quick, safe and well-organized. You can find information about fares at Warsaw Transport Authority page. We recommend 20-minute City Travelcard (3.40 PLN) - valid for 20 consecutive minutes from validation or Three Day City Travelcard (30 PLN) - valid for 3 consecutive days from validation. These travelcards allow you to travel all over Warsaw using buses, trams and Underground. Nevertheless, the meeting will take place in the center of Warsaw, which is within walking distance from all conference locations.

There is also a newly-introduced system of bicycle rental stations across Warsaw. Veturilo Warsaw Public Bike is a "green" form of transport. This places Warsaw among many environmentally friendly cities in the world. It is easy to rent a bike for free for a short trip up to 20 minutes. Quick registration via webpage allows to start using the Veturilo Warsaw Public Bike.

Network connection

Wireless network connection will be provided in all conference rooms. There will be a possibility to use wire connection in the room 116, as well as Linux terminals in the room 117.


List of nearby restaurants will be provided.

Visiting Warsaw

Warsaw is beautifully city with many attractions. The detailed information about Warsaw may be found on:

  • e-Warsaw - the official website of the Warsaw City

One of the places especially worth seeing is the Warsaw Rising Museum. It features a replica of B-24J Liberator heavy bomber.

A popular place for walks is the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw. It was the Royal Summer Residence of Stanisław August, King of Poland.

Language tips

Warsaw University of Technology (Eng.) = Politechnika Warszawska (Pol.)

Metro (Pol.) = Underground (Eng.)